In addition to a recent video showing the equipment of a Polish paratrooper, a short one-minute video has been published on the official channel of NATO (NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization) with a presentation of the equipment of a United States Marine Corps (USMC) soldier.

In the video, Sergeant Trevor Rhoads demonstrates the contents of his expeditionary backpack, which contains equipment directly for field exercises in extremely low temperatures, approximately down to -46C degrees. A total of 21 items with a total weight of about 36 kg are presented, including insulated mittens, woolen socks, closed-type ballistic goggles, a helmet, a fixed blade knife, an insulated jacket and trousers, thermal underwear, various thermal insulation layers, winter camouflage layers, two pairs of various shoe covers, snowshoes, a sleeping bag, an awning, a mat, a personal first aid kit, a couple of rations and cooking supplies.

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