British manufacturer of original casual and outdoor clothing, Vollebak continues to experiment with different materials and technologies. Following the «ice age» fleece jacket Ice Age Fleece, the company has released a new insulated parka Solar Charged Puffer, which, like the Solar Charged Jacket model, is «charged» by the sun and glows at night, and at the same time provides sufficient comfort at an air temperature of about -40°С degrees.


The outer layer of the jacket is made of a three-layer material consisting of a nylon mesh with a water-repellent treatment, a polyurethane membrane and a layer of nylon microfiber with rip-stop reinforcement. The overall water resistance of the material is declared at the level of 20,000 mm id. Art. As a heat-insulating filler, a polyester insulation made from recycled fibers is used. The density of the insulation corresponds to natural down stuffed with more than 600 FP. The average weight of the jacket is 1650 grams.


The effect of luminescence is achieved by adding a phosphorescent mixture to the polyurethane membrane, which gradually radiates the absorbed energy, whether it be sunlight or light from an LED flashlight, which allows you to literally «paint» on the jacket. According to the manufacturer, the effect lasts about 12 hours, after which the jacket must be «recharged» again.


The Solar Charged Puffer Jacket features an insulated, adjustable hood with a high storm collar, profiled sleeves with adjustable cuffs, adjustable hem, a front zip fastening and an external press-stud flap, as well as four external and two internal pockets. The jacket is offered in only one design and is priced at $1,295.


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