Wolverine World Wide is the world leader in the production of pigskin products in a wide variety of performance characteristics, grades and colors. Pigskin leather is chosen because it can «breathe» through many tiny pores and therefore shoes made from it keep cool in summer and are comfortable in cold weather. In addition, tough and durable pigskin thanks to technology Wolverine World Wide can be soft and beautiful.

Wolverine World Wide was founded in 1883 and started in the leather trade. Since 1910, its own tannery was opened in Michigan, which first worked with horse skin and only switched to pig skin since the 1950s thanks to the invention of a unique machine. This opened up a whole new range of possibilities in footwear production and the company now produces ten unique types of leather.

angora – a type of pigskin suede, very soft and light. It is ideal for sewing dress and casual shoes for men, women and children. This suede is water resistant and very easy to care for while maintaining a luxurious look.


Color Fast Shag — pig suede, dyed with special dyes that provide excellent protection against moisture. It is very durable, breathable, waterproof and easy to clean.

firewall – pigskin suede with flame retardant properties, intended for the production of special footwear for auto and motorcycle racers in accordance with the fire protection standard. It does not absorb chemicals including brake fluid, engine oil and transmission oil. At the same time, suede is easy to care for.

Satin Suede / Silkee — soft suede made from pigskin, from which shoes are made for everyday wear. It has protection against getting wet, is well dyed to obtain a variety of shades of shoes, durable and breathable.


Gibraltar — Pigskin suede with a luxurious iridescent water-repellent surface. Beautiful model and casual shoes for men and women are sewn from it. Suede is poorly soiled, including oils, and is very easy to clean.

Shag — one of the unique discoveries of the company. This pigskin suede is used in the production of sports and special work shoes. The skin is not susceptible to the penetration of water, oils and other chemicals. Shoes made of it are comfortable and durable, easy to care for.

Shag Lining — especially durable pigskin suede, which is used for insoles in shoes and lining in clothes. They are specially made in neutral colors to prevent staining of socks, legs, and other fabrics. Also, suede is treated with hydrophobic solutions, while maintaining its breathability.

specialty — an alternative type of classic leather, very thin and durable. It mixes fragments of various textures and prints, making it possible to sew new unexpected shoes every season. The skin «breathes» well and is easy to care for.


Warrior — U.S. military-approved waterproof pigskin leather. It is very durable and is used for the production of military boots and boots, as well as sports and safety shoes in production. Suede combines high levels of breathability with waterproof technology and superior repellency against liquids, oils and chemicals. As a result, the feet always remain dry and the shoes clean.

Weather Tight — waterproof pigskin suede, ideal for the production of waterproof boots and boots. It also perfectly protects the feet from chemicals and oils. At the same time, the skin «breathes» and is easy to care for.

Wolverine World Wide

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