In early March, a new project of backpacks under the Xpanda Bag brand appeared on the Kickstarter pages, the brand was founded by the Americans Trey and Gabriela Bourette. The main idea of ​​the new project is to create a versatile and durable backpack with the ability to adjust its volume. The Xpanda Bag Packs series includes three models, from a small backpack for children, a medium backpack for everyday activities and up to a voluminous tourist backpack with a rigid back, an additional handle and wheels for transportation.


When folded, the Xpanda Bag Pack is no different from an ordinary sports backpack with many different pockets and compartments, its advantage is a hidden folded bag, which allows you to impressively increase the volume of the main compartment if necessary. All models are made of dense tarpaulin. The cost of pre-ordering Xpanda Bag Packs, depending on the choice of model, is $25, $65 and $99, international shipping is $15-20.

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