In addition to the previously introduced NEXT% collection, which makes extensive use of Zoom Air Pods, Nike is preparing a new line of running shoes called the Zoom Double Stacked for early July. The new sneakers are distinguished by an extremely increased level of vertical shock absorption, as well as the use of Zoom Air Pods capsules, while two pairs of capsules are used at the heel zone, located one above the other (Double Stacked).


In addition to the air capsules, the outsole of the new Zoom Double Stacked sports shoe features a wide two-layer Zoom foam midsole and a flexible translucent TPU blend outsole. In addition, the sole of the new sneakers on the inside is complemented by an anatomical insole made of shock-absorbing foam and a thin layer of conductive fabric with antibacterial treatment.


The upper is predominantly made from a fast-drying and highly ventilated mesh material, with the addition of thicker layers of faux leather to protect and support the heel. The toe, neck and partly the tongue-flap, which is almost completely sewn in, are reinforced with thermopolyurethane lamination. The inner lining is made of thin and quick-drying synthetic material with a mesh structure.


Initially, the new Nike Zoom Double Stacked running shoes will only be available in two finishes (Volt Black, Barely Volt) and are priced at $230 from the manufacturer. Free sales should start after July 2, 2020. It will be possible to place an order on the company’s website.


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