One of the most effective artificial lures for perch fishing is the lure. Anglers use it in different seasons of the year, in open water and from ice, shallow and deep. With the help of a properly selected lure, you can enjoy the sport of catching sailors or enjoy playing real hunchbacks. To select an effective bait, several determining factors should be considered.

  • In the spring, the predator reacts better to spinners. They should be led slowly along the border of shallow water and depth.
  • In summer, perch hides in aquatic vegetation, snags, behind stones. In order not to lose the spinners, you should arm yourself with non-hooks.
  • In autumn, you have to look for flocks of perch at a depth. During this period, heavy vibrations are required, which can be carried out with a step.
  • Perch fishing in winter is a special kind of fishing. A large number of domestic fishermen are armed with vertical spinners, catching all parts of the reservoir from ice.

The best spinners for perch in the open water season

5 Strike Pro Cyber ​​Vibe

Strike Pro Cyber ​​Vibe

Cicadas are a special caste of spinning baits. The Taiwanese company Strike Pro offers domestic anglers a catchy spinner for perch Cyber ​​Vibe. Some spinningists who managed to try it out in practice are already calling the cicada a perch killer. One of the strengths of the lure is its excellent flight characteristics. With a length of 45 mm, the spinner weighs 9.1 g, which explains the high range. The bait is a metal plate loaded on one side. The manufacturer attached expressive eyes to the spinner. They create an imitation of natural prey, so the perch fearlessly attacks the cicada. The model range is presented in different colors, you can choose for the conditions of any reservoir. Cicada shows good results in summer.

There are several holes for attaching the bait to the line, according to anglers, the best results for perch are obtained by mounting the first hole. The disadvantage of the cicada is its high hooking.

4 Rapala Minnow Spoon

Rapala Minnow Spoon

Often the perch attacks the fry from the thickets of grass or snags. In such cases, a spinner in a non-engaging version is required. The well-known Finnish manufacturer Rapala has the Minnow Spoon lure in its catalog. Due to the special wire fuse, the lure can easily pass through underwater vegetation. In the series there are models of different sizes and weights, the lightest non-hook (7 g) 5 cm long is optimal for perch fishing. Wiring is selected depending on the season and the characteristics of the reservoir. In autumn, at a depth, stepped animation on the border of snag or algae looks preferable. In summer, in shallow waters, the bait should go evenly through the grass.

Many Russian spinners have Rapala Minnow Spoon in their arsenal. They are easy to animate, perfectly pass through difficult sections of the reservoir, and are of high quality.

3 Smith Pure

Smith Pure

A successful line of oscillating lures was created by a Japanese manufacturer called Smith Pure. Although the bait was developed for catching salmon fish, domestic perch bites well on it. The oscillator has the shape of an oblong spoon with holes at opposite ends. A hanging hook is mounted to the wider part, the narrow part is attached to the fishing line. You can lead the bait with different spinning techniques, starting with uniform wiring and ending with stop & go animation. The best results are observed in the fall with the use of a step game. The most popular sizes for perch fishing are 25mm long (weight 1.5g) and 33mm long (3.5g).

Anglers note the stability of the coating, and it has a three-layer structure. The metal is protected from corrosion by a galvanic method, a color is applied to it, after which the bait is varnished. With the right selection of size and color, you don’t have to wait long for a bite.

2 Pontoon 21 Synchrony

Pontoon 21 Synchrony

The Pontoon 21 Synchrony spinner is a new generation of lures from a well-known Japanese manufacturer of fishing accessories. The model is made in the classical form, the distinguishing feature is the double-sided coloring of the petal. During rotation, the illusion of volume production is created, which provokes a perch to bite. Additionally, the striped predator attracts a fly on a threesome. In addition, it successfully masks the hook, has a stabilizing effect on the bait during the game. An interesting design was chosen by the manufacturer in the manufacture of the core. It has a cylindrical shape, the center of gravity is shifted to the head. Grooves are made on the body, which give stability when wiring.

Spinners note a lethal effect on perch in the spring. During this period, the spinner becomes the best artificial bait for perch fishing. Even passive fish react to the slow play of the spinner.

1 Mepps Comet Decore

Mepps Comet Decor

The turntables of the French company Mepps are famous for their catchiness. There are baubles and perch models in the collection. One of them is Mepps Comet Decore. The size of the spinner is selected for each body of water, small spinners No. 0-1 (weight 2 and 3.5 g) are suitable for sport fishing, it is better to hunt for trophy humpbacks with an enlarged version No. 2 (weight 4.5 g). The coloring will also have to be determined directly on the pond. The secret of the catchability of the spinner lies in the stable play of the petal at an angle of 45 degrees. During rotation, powerful vibrations are formed that attract the striped robber. You can use the turntable both in still water and in the current.

Domestic spinningists call Mepps Comet Decore the best spinner for perch from spring to autumn. The reason for the lack of pecking can only be an incorrectly selected bait.

The best spinners for winter perch

5 Lucky John Scandi

Lucky John Scandi

Many domestic fishermen who visit water bodies in winter have lures from the Latvian company Lucky John in the box. Good reviews are coming to the Scandi lure. The vertical is made of brass, before coating, manual polishing is performed. Of all the modifications, the most flattering words are addressed to spinners, in which the hook is mounted on a chain. Even with a small model, it is possible to catch deep sections of the reservoir, because the density of the material is high. The manufacturer prefers Japanese hooks Kamasan and Owner. The advantage of a spinner with a chain is the possibility of placing small fry on the hook.

Domestic anglers have no complaints about the quality of the bait, it plays well, the coating is preserved for a long time. The best results when fishing from ice are achieved in water areas with an average depth. The downside is the high price.

4 Kuusamo Symphony

Kuusamo Symphony

The Finnish company Kuusamo offered an unusual shape of a lure for catching perch in winter. The Simfonia model has the shape of an elongated triangle, thanks to which it quickly sinks into the water column. The rounded side gives the lure an unpredictable play. It can plan in different directions, vibration is observed when falling. Such actions remind the predator of the behavior of a frightened fry. Another feature of the spinner is the formation of bright highlights. The combination of all the properties of the spinner has an irritating effect on the passive perch, causing it to attack the bait. It is best to fish from ice with a model 40 mm long and weighing 6 g. The lure works well both in lakes and in rivers.

Russian anglers note the catchability of this original winter bait. Only the high price holds back the interest of lure-makers in the Finnish vertical.

3 Spinner Carnations

Spinner Gvozdik

Vertical spinners called «Carnation» have been known for a long time. Many manufacturers offer their own versions of the bait, but the Finnish model from VMC shows the best results. The main task of this vertical is the minimum deviation from the vertical during the game. Thanks to this feature, the angler can climb into the snag, where perch likes to stand. The most affordable «carnations» are equipped with a soldered hook, but the use of a movable tee almost doubles the price of the spinner. Each of them has its pros and cons. Models with a soldered hook look preferable for intensive ice fishing, when you need to quickly remove the fish and send the bait back into the hole. But a passive perch can only be stirred up with a spinner with a moving threesome.

Beginning anglers should take into account the unpleasant feature of the vertical “stud” game. To find the fish will have to drill a lot of holes.

2 Spinner RB Tornado

Spinner RB Tornado

Winter baubles Tornado not so long ago began to be produced by the domestic company Russian Spinner. The series consists of three modifications, all of them are suitable for catching perch from ice in winter. In shallow waters, a vertical line 37 mm long (2.5 g) has proven itself well, and for deeper sections of the reservoir, anglers use spinners 52 and 58 mm long, weighing 4.5 and 5 g, respectively. The bait feels confident both in still water and in the current. Experienced glitterers advise using the following game. The spinner sinks to the bottom, then is thrown up by 10-15 cm. The duration of the pause is 4-5 seconds. In order for the bait to fully reveal itself, it is important not only to choose the optimal size and correctly execute the wiring. The fishing rod must be equipped with a thin fishing line with a diameter of 0.12 to 0.16 mm.

Users note the sharpness of Japanese threesomes, thanks to which even a light touch of a perch ends in effective fighting.

1 Rapala SM-Pirken

Rapala SM-Pirken

The sweeping game of the Rapala SM-Pirken vertical spinner allows you to quickly find a perch in a large area. The wide amplitude during the fall in the water column is explained by the changed profile of the body. Bright dots on the lure become a kind of aiming point for the perch. The spicy threesome is equipped with a red drop that irritates the striped robbers. The manufacturer made a flexible installation of the hook to the spinner using a wire extension. Powerful vibration and a wagging tail become the main components of a catchy bait.

Anglers who prefer to catch perch from the ice note the versatility of the model. It works great from the first ice to the last ice. Even in the dead of winter, it is possible to seduce passive fish for a bite. The disadvantages of spinners include frequent overlaps for fishing line during active play.


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