Wetsuits come in a variety of types — for swimming, spearfishing, diving and other water sports. And each of them has its own characteristics — in the type and thickness of the fabric, cut, method of processing seams. In active water sports, a wetsuit is needed so that a person can stay in the water longer without the risk of hypothermia. It protects from wind, sun, cold water, jellyfish stings and more. Our rating will help you choose the best wetsuit, taking into account its purpose.

The best wetsuits for spearfishing

3 Rocksea 7mm BEUCHAT

One of the best BEUCHAT wetsuits with improved thermal performance. The effect of long-term preservation of heat is achieved by a combination of well-thought-out cut and high-quality materials. The manufacturer has provided special contours on the back to prevent the appearance of «bubbles», a non-slip pad for easy loading of weapons, reinforcement of the elbows, knees and shins with wear-resistant material.

Despite the abundance of advantages, spearfishing fans call its unique camouflage coloring the main highlight of the wetsuit. It is interesting in that it was developed on the basis of numerous images of the bottom. As in the wild, not a single fragment of the pattern is repeated, which ensures maximum camouflage when hunting. And thanks to good heat-shielding characteristics, it can be used in cold weather.

2OMER Holo Stone

The OMER wetsuit is more durable than other models thanks to the use of highly elastic Sheico neoprene. It is equally well suited to beginners and experienced hunters, as it gives complete freedom of movement. In it, a person feels very comfortable thanks to the “smooth skin” technology inside the helmet, in the ankles and wrists. A special valve is provided in the back of the helmet to bleed excess air, and on the chest there is a soft bib to support the crossbow.

Judging by the reviews of spearfishing fans in this wetsuit, you can stay in the water for quite a long time without experiencing any discomfort. The advantages of the model include convenience, the presence of a valve on the hood, an interesting camouflage coloring with a 3D effect. The high cost of the suit pays off with its durability, long service life even with frequent use.

Wetsuit Basics

Depending on the type of wetsuit, water does not penetrate under it, or it does get in and heat up from human heat, thereby preventing us from freezing. The fundamental factors in choosing a suit are tight fit to the body and freedom of movement. But there are other requirements that depend on the type of product.

  • Type of. Wetsuits come in dry, semi-dry and wet suits. The main difference between dry models is that water does not get into them at all, but they are very expensive, so they are rarely purchased by ordinary users. Semi-dry and dry suits are widely used among water sports enthusiasts and just relaxing on the sea coast.
  • Features of wetsuits. They are naked, with one or two-sided duplication, combined. The most inexpensive are naked wetsuits. They are used exclusively for swimming and diving in warm water, because they cannot fully protect the body from the cold, but they give an absolute feeling of freedom.
  • Material thickness. It can be from 3 to 5 mm. The longer you plan to stay in the water, the thicker the material should be. The same applies to its temperature — the colder, the thicker the material.
  • Croy. Features of the cut are determined by the mobility of the lesson. For example, windsurfers will suit models with short legs and sleeves. For complete immersion under water, the most closed suits are chosen.

1 Scorpena RedLine 7mm

Wetsuit for spearfishing by the famous Russian company SCORPENA is one of the best solutions in terms of price and quality, both for beginners and experienced spearfishers. In the SCORPENA collection, this is one of the most affordable models, designed primarily for use in warm water. Its main feature is that neoprene is covered with nylon on both sides, due to which the suit is easy to put on. There is no chest pad for the crossbow stop, this provides complete freedom of breathing and movement for those who use an air gun. Special cuffs prevent water from getting inside the suit, and additional reinforcement of the knee area with wear-resistant fabric ensures a long wearing period.

Users leave only positive feedback about the model. They like the high quality and comfortable fit of a wetsuit at a low cost. Among the main advantages, ease of putting on is noted — a hunter can change clothes in just a couple of minutes, even in a boat.

The best diving suits

3 AquaLung SHARM

This wetsuit is not unisex, but comes in two versions — men’s and women’s. Their appearance is the same, but depending on the gender, there are features of the cut. For example, in the women’s wetsuit, ultra-soft neoprene inserts are provided in the chest area. They are also in the area of ​​​​the bend of the elbow and knee joints. In general, the costume is of very high quality, its cut and details are thought out to the smallest detail. The helmet has an anatomical shape, a system of neck fasteners, a soft inner plush coating for greater comfort, knee pads, ankle zippers.

Users find this wetsuit to be perfect for most water sports, not only for beginners but also for experienced divers. They like the anatomical fit of the helmet, the increased level of comfort, the stylish design of the suit and its reliability.

2 Lycra Hotskin, unisex HENDERSON

A lycra wetsuit from the American company HENDERSON perfectly copes with its main tasks — it protects the swimmer’s skin from ultraviolet radiation, jellyfish, small scratches and other dangers that may lie in wait for him on the sea coast. The unisex cut makes the wetsuit equally comfortable for women and men, and the stretchy thin fabric does not hinder movement at all. One of the advantages of the model is its low weight (330 grams for the largest size).

The seams are processed in such a way that they do not rub the skin. There is a zipper at the front for easy donning. Many watersports enthusiasts use this suit as an undergarment to keep warm and fully protected from the sea wind. The advantages of this model, some buyers also include several design options.

1 Oceanic COMFORTSKIN 0.5mm

One of the main advantages of a diving suit from the well-known American company Oceanic is its low cost. In addition, it does not constrain movements, does not interfere during swimming. Made from very thin lycra, the wetsuit fits snugly to the body, giving full protection from jellyfish, the scorching sun and minor scratches.

The unisex pattern makes this wetsuit suitable for both men and women. Ergonomic foot and toe loop for easy on and off. This model is suitable not only for diving, but also for any other water sports and just swimming. Some users use it as an additional thermal protection, wearing it under a neoprene main suit. In reviews, among the advantages of the model, buyers highlight its affordable cost, convenience, stylish design and versatility.

The best drysuits

4 MYSTIC Vulcanic Drysuit 2018 xxl black

Despite the affordable price, the wetsuit has excellent technical characteristics, suitable for riders who feel the need for extreme sports at any time of the year. High-quality and high-tech design provides reliable waterproofing and good thermal protection. Waterproof zipper, latex cuffs and collar completely block the ingress of water into the suit.

Features of a cut and materials provide full freedom of movements. Under the wetsuit, you can wear the required amount of thermal clothing, depending on the air temperature outside. Additions — an adjustable hood, an internal pocket for small items, reinforcements in the hips and knees. The wetsuit is quite popular among users due to its affordable price compared to models from other manufacturers. They leave mostly positive reviews, pointing to the high quality of the product, convenience, good thermal insulation and water resistance.

3 Scubapro Sport Dry Light (Dry Light, male)

This wetsuit from a well-known American company can be called an ideal option for reaction divers for several reasons — unsurpassed lightness, flawlessly taped seams (double taped), their reinforcement with waterproof tape. The cuffs are latex, the neck has a neoprene collar with Velcro. Rubber-metal zipper is reliable and completely protects against water penetration.

Legs end with glued-in soft neoprene socks with anti-slip soles. Their use with special rock bots is considered the most correct. Additionally, there are a lot of pleasant little things — special pockets, fastening for a helmet, wrist devices on both sleeves. The wetsuit comes complete with helmet, bag, air hose and service kit.

2 WaterProof EX2

This is a professional model designed specifically for expeditions and special forces. Such wetsuits are subject to increased requirements — lightness, mobility, breathable properties. The priority in the development of this model is the maximum comfort of the user — it is equally convenient to be in it under water and on land. Interchangeable seals are provided on the neck and sleeves, and the legs end with built-in socks made of the same material as the suit, so you can put on anything you like on your feet — fins, boots, waders.

Comfort during prolonged stay in a wetsuit provides a special breathable shell. Additionally, the model is equipped with reinforced knee pads, special valves, gadget holders, sleeve pockets and other useful little things. The male models of the suit have a PI-zipper, which allows you to quickly relieve yourself. In a Swedish-made wetsuit, users value first of all comfort and thoughtfulness down to the smallest detail.

1 Subgear Extender (with pasted boots male)

A high-quality German-made wetsuit with glued-in boots completely insulates the body, so it can be used for diving in dirty and cold water. More often used for professional than amateur purposes. This model is available in two versions — men’s and women’s suit. It is made of high-strength fabric, metal zippers with external protection completely exclude the penetration of water inside. The same task is performed by latex cuffs on the sleeves and neck. To compensate for the compression, special valves are provided.

The wetsuit has many useful details — accessory pockets with rings, reflective stripes, neoprene lining in the neck area, a helmet, a safety strap for wrist devices. In addition to the wetsuit itself, the package includes a helmet and a bag. Judging by the reviews, users in this model most of all like the presence of glued bots — far from all wetsuits can boast of this.


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