The 5.11 Tactical brand this season has supplemented its quite popular collection of tactical gloves with a new insulated model — 5.11 Caldus Insulated Glove, which were developed mainly for military tactical use directly in the cold season. As the manufacturer assures, the new gloves guarantee the necessary protection of hands both from the cold and from possible mechanical damage, and at the same time provide the necessary tactile sensitivity..


Gloves are made by combining different materials. The palm is made mainly of genuine goat leather, the reverse side of the palm is made of a combination of natural leather with fine-haired artificial leather and elastic synthetic rip-stop material. The fingertips, which are made using TacticalTouch technology (provides increased tactile sensitivity), are covered with leather on both sides. The inside has a quick-drying polyester lining. The insulation of the 40g Thinsulate C100 series is used as a heat-insulating filler.


The design of the 5.11 Caldus Insulated Glove insulated gloves, in addition to the reinforced palm, fingertips and knuckles, provides for a two-layer elastic cuff without the ability to adjust the volume. The inner cuff, which fits snugly to the arm, is made of elastic synthetic material with reinforced piping. The outer cuff is made from the same materials as the entire glove. On the inside there is a reinforced leather band for more comfortable donning.

At this stage, the 5.11 Caldus Insulated Glove is only available in full black and in five sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) to choose from. The suggested retail price for new gloves is $55 per pair. >

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