The first information about the «rescuer» folding knife called 5.11 LMC Curved Rescue Blade appeared at the beginning of the year, the knife was included in the first 5.11 Tactical series of new products for 2013. The LMC Curved Rescue Blade model is positioned by the manufacturer as a lightweight and multifunctional folding knife for emergency rescue tasks.. The knife is designed by Mike Vellekamp by the well known Blade Tech Industries knife company which is known to make all 5.11 brand knives.


LMC Curved Rescue Blade has almost all the characteristics of a rescue knife: compact design, light weight, ease of use, bright handle, stainless steel, serrated blade, rounded blade tip, glass breaker and lanyard hole. Despite its original purpose, the knife can rightfully take the place of a pocket knife for every day, or as an additional tool in an emergency backpack.

The LMC was quick to handle 550 double-folded paracord, a leather strap, standard PALS webbing, and any kind of cardboard packaging. It is possible to cut a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, or sausages into a sandwich, with a knife with such a blade shape, but it is extremely inconvenient, long and inefficient. When ordering a rescue knife, it should be understood that the LMC Curved Rescue Blade, with its rounded blade shape and serrated sharpening, is in no way suitable for the role of a universal tool for the field.

The knife lies comfortably in the hand, the blade is easily removed with the thumb of the right or left hand, both with and without a glove. The finger easily finds and «tumbles» into a special hole, and similarly to Spyderco folding knives, quickly and conveniently removes the blade. The blade is fixed with a classic Liner-lock, which seemed to me quite «tight», but this did not interfere with the ability to fold the knife with one hand.

The total length of the open knife is 185 mm, the closed length is slightly more than 110 mm, the total length of the blade is 85 mm, the maximum thickness is 4 mm, the approximate length of the cutting edge is 55 mm. The blade, traditionally for knives 5.11, is made of corrosion-resistant Japanese steel grade AUS 8, the declared hardness is 57-60 HRC. The handle is formed by two orange-colored plastic plates with a textured surface, which are fastened with three screws, not counting the axial screw. The fixing clip is super rigid, the knife on the pocket is attached «tightly». The clip can be completely removed and secured to the back using the included Torx T6 wrench and spare screws.


Folding knife 5.11 LMC Curved Rescue Blade is already available for purchase in the PROF1 Group stores, this model is transferred in only one color option, the cost of the knife is $66. It is impossible to order a knife from the official 5.11 Tactical website.

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