Almost every 5.11 Tactical glove model has its own specialization and purpose, and the 5.11 Tac K9 Canine & Rope Handler Glove is no exception. The Tac K9 Glove was developed with input from members of the K-9 Police Unit who are looking for tough, durable protective gloves. Glove materials must withstand constant pressure, friction of the ropes and leashes of the collar. In addition, gloves should be as flexible and tactile-sensitive as possible for comfortable work with small objects and elements of weapons.


Tac K9 Glove gloves specifically for 5.11 Tactical were made by the American company Ironclad, which since 1997 has been specializing in the development and production of specialized gloves for sports and work. The Tac K9 Gloves are made from a combination of four types of synthetic materials. The palm is made of soft artificial suede, which includes 65% nylon and 35% polyurethane, and a dense PVC overlay (70% PVC, 30% polyester) is sewn over the suede. The back of the palm is made from an elastic blend (93% nylon, 7% elastane) with a protective rubber overlay. The fingertips, which are also made of suede and stretch nylon, are externally reinforced with a durable overlay (58% nylon, 17% polyurethane, 16% kevlar and 9% spandex).

Gloves are made of high quality, all reinforcing layers are sewn with a double parallel seam. The original shape of the rubber pad, which is glued on the back of the palm and protects the knuckles, is almost imperceptible and does not interfere with the folds of the hand, as is usually the case in gloves of this type. The gloves are fixed with an elastic cuff, which I personally really liked. The length of the cuff does not wave to use watches or bracelets, the degree of clamping can be adjusted using a dense rubber strap with Velcro, which is easy to «feel» and peel off even in zero visibility. In addition, the fixing strap can be considered as an additional protection of hands from external mechanical damage. The material, which strengthens the palm and fingers, looks like sandpaper. The material is very grippy, whether wet or dry. It is convenient to operate both folding knives, flashlights, screwdrivers, etc., as well as mobile devices with a resistive touch screen.

Such external protection of gloves has its negative sides. The Tac K9 Glove is very tight on the hand and takes some time to get used to. The rubberized material of the overlays limits the blowing of the glove; in warm weather, the hands begin to sweat almost immediately. Otherwise, the Tac K9 Canine and Rope Handler Glove fully meet the stated characteristics: elastic, durable, wear-resistant, with acceptable hand protection and tactile sensitivity.


The Tac K9 Canine and Rope Handler Glove is only available in one full black color, in sizes S to XXL. In Ukraine, they can be purchased at the PROF1 Group stores, the price of gloves is not more than $60.

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