The leading advantage of fatbikes is unconditional cross-country ability. Thanks to the wide wheels, this vehicle acquires the features of an all-terrain vehicle. On it, you can easily overcome a sand embankment, a rocky path and other sections of the road that are inaccessible to ordinary bicycles. And if the fat bike is additionally equipped with an electric motor, then it can easily compete with scooters and some motorcycles.

Such transport works not only from the electric motor, but also from the pedals. That allows you not to lose mobility, even if the battery sits down. In addition, fat bikes will be an excellent solution for winter cycling. We offer a selection of the best electric fetbikes, which will help you evaluate the characteristics of the most popular models and make a choice.

Top 5 best electric fetbikes

5 Eltreco Insiders (2019)

Eltreco Insider (2019) fatbike

The brutal model Eltreco Insider starts the rating of the best electric bikes. Its design and appearance is more suitable for men, however, women often make a choice in its favor. Powerful transport easily copes with any impassability, thanks to which it enjoys considerable popularity. The battery is securely hidden from dust and dirt, it has a good capacity (10 Ah). On a full charge, you can drive up to 50 kilometers. At the same time, the speed of movement reaches 35 km / h.

If the battery suddenly runs out while on the road, the rider can always switch to the pedals and continue the journey. There are 7 speed modes available. Impressive disc mechanical brakes on the front and rear wheels. They allow you to quickly stop the four-wheel drive fat bike and feel confident on any track. The weight of an electric bike is 30 kg, which is not the lowest figure, but quite small for this category of transport. Eltreco Insider deservedly entered the top of the best and deserves the attention of potential owners.

4 WELLNESS Bad Dual 700

WELLNESS Bad Dual 700 fatbike

For lovers of bright colors in everything, we present the WELLNESS Bad Dual 700 electric bike. This model has several bright colors and an incredibly stylish design. Perhaps this is why the fatbike is popular with women. Two motors of 350 W each and wide tires guarantee good off-road performance. This transport does not care about dirt, sand, snow and other «impassable» obstacles. Relatively small dimensions and an aluminum alloy frame provide a small weight of the model.

What else? PAS’s nine pedal assist modes and 6 speeds are the perfect combination for easy cycling or strenuous workouts. The powerful engine speeds up to 35 km/h, the battery lasts for 45 kilometers of continuous driving. The last one charges in 8 hours. The FingerPrint alarm and engine start system is responsible for security, a fingerprint scanner distinguishes the owner from an outsider.

3 Eltreco Multiwatt 1000W (2019)

Eltreco Multiwatt 1000W (2019) fatbike

Continues the rating of the best fat bikes with an electric motor Eltreco Multiwatt 1000W. This is a reliable and hardy transport with high traffic. It is capable of carrying a rider weighing up to 120 kg. It successfully combines stylish appearance and a powerful 1000 W engine, the latter provides a quick start and acceleration to 35 km / h. Mileage on one charge can reach 50 kilometers.

Owners in their reviews note reliable hydraulic brakes front and rear. They bring the 4WD hybrid to a quick stop and provide confidence on any trail. The suspension fork with stiffness blocking guarantees a comfortable ride over the most inconceivable bumps. Another plus is the foldable design. Thanks to her, the electric fetbike will easily fit in the trunk of a car. Of the minuses, it is worth noting only the impressive cost, but as the owners assure, Eltreco Multiwatt is worth the money.

2 Volteco Bigcat Dual 1000 (2019)

Volteco Bigcat Dual 1000 (2019) fatbike

The Volteco Bigcat Dual electric fetbike impresses not only with its stylish design, which even demanding users will appreciate. The model is equipped with rather impressive wheels, their diameter is 26 inches. Large reel allows you to develop considerable speed (up to 35 km / h). Kenda 26×4.0 tires provide high cross-country flotation. The 7 speed transmission is more than enough for a comfortable ride.

Of the features of the device, it is worth noting immediately two geared electric motors 8FAN (Bafang), each with a power of 500 watts. A capacious battery provides up to 50 kilometers without recharging. For the safety of the electric fatbike, a proprietary alarm system and the FingerPrint system are responsible, which allows you to start the engine using a fingerprint scanner. Of the shortcomings, a considerable weight can be distinguished, however, for models in this category it is quite acceptable. Volteco Bigcat Dual 1000 deservedly took its place in the ranking of the best electric fatbikes.

1 Cyberbike Fat 500W

Cyberbike Fat 500W

The leading position in the ranking of the best electric fat bikes was taken by a domestically produced model — Cyberbike Fat 500W. It pleases users with a powerful engine and fairly light weight, fully loaded weight is only 28 kg. This is the lightest model in our review. According to user reviews, Cyberbike is a great solution for everyday use.

In addition, the fatbike is very compact, easy to fold and easy to store. Equipped with a powerful Bafang 500W motor, a capacious battery (36 V) guarantees a range of up to 45 kilometers on a single charge. Despite the fact that the model is not all-wheel drive, the electric bike has a high cross-country ability. On the rear wheel there is a strong trunk on which you can install bags, a child seat or other cargo. In addition to all the advantages described above, it is worth adding a very favorable cost. Cyberbike Fat 500W is certainly worthy of attention.


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