Today, Adidas officially introduced the new generation of its AdiZero running collection, which is positioned by the manufacturer as a new round of development and improvement of the AdiZero Adios Pro model, presented last summer. The updated collection includes four models at once, these are the AdiZero Adios Pro 2, which was created and tested by Peres Jepchirchir, a professional runner from Kenya, AdiZero Boston 10, AdiZero Prime X and Avanti Track Spike.


Compared to the previous generation, competitive running shoes AdiZero Adios Pro 2 The Celermesh 2.0 upper has been completely redesigned, including elements of the lacing system, which is made primarily from recycled polyester. The profile of the elements of the multi-layer sole has been partially updated, which has become lighter. At the same time, the sole of the sneakers, as before, is formed by two layers of Lightstrike PRO foam, EnergyRod carbon rods, carbon heel protection and a thin Continental outsole. 10mm drop (39.5mm heel, 29.5mm toe).


Sneakers AdiZero Boston 10 Designed with everyday use in mind, they feature a softer upper construction and new outsole shaping options. The shoe also uses EnergyRod carbon rods, but the cushioning layer is made of Lightstrike PRO and Lightstrike EVA foams, and the Continental outsole has a denser structure. Heel to toe drop 8mm (heel 21mm, toe 13mm).


Sneakers series AdiZero Prime X, which are designed for long distances, has an almost identical upper and sole construction with the AdiZero Adios Pro 2 version, the key difference is the addition of a Slinglaunch Heel stabilizer, as well as the use of already three Lightstrike PRO cushioning layers. The height difference between the heel and the toe remained at the level of 10 mm, while the heel height was increased to 50 mm, and the toe, respectively, to 40 mm.


In the design of running shoes Avanti Track Spike, which includes spikes, also uses a Slinglaunch Heel, one Lightstrike PRO cushioning layer and EnergyRod carbon rods. At the same time, the outsole features a lightweight, flexible nylon construction with the addition of six studs.


The AdiZero Adios Pro 2, AdiZero Boston 10 and AdiZero Prime X sneakers are already listed on the Adidas official online store, with a choice of two color options in men’s and women’s styles. The suggested retail price starts at $140 for the AdiZero Boston 10 version, while the AdiZero Adios Pro 2 and AdiZero Prime X models are priced at $220 and $250 respectively. Sales of the Avanti Track Spike should start towards the end of the month.

  • Earlier, Adidas announced the release of a new model of Terrex Swift R3 MID GTX hiking shoes for the summer, which is based on the Terrex Swift R3 sneakers.
  • Adidas has unveiled a new line of Terrex Soulstride all-round running shoes that will be available with or without membrane.
  • Adidas has released the fourth generation of lightweight hiking shoes and low shoes of the Terrex AX series.

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