Along with the new Terrex Free Hiker hiking line, Adidas is preparing a major expansion for 2019 of its specialized Terrex Agravic series of running shoes, announcing three new models at once — Terrex Agravic Speed ​​GTX, Terrex Agravic Speed ​​Plus and Terrex Agravic BOA. All three new items are focused mainly on cross-country running, and differ from each other both in the design of the sole and partially in the upper materials..

The Terrex Agravic Speed ​​GTX and Terrex Agravic Speed ​​Plus run on a nearly identical platform, with the Terrex Agravic Speed ​​Plus version featuring a lighter, more breathable construction and no Gore-Tex membrane. The upper part of the sneakers is made of synthetic hydrophobic material, which is reinforced on the outside with polyurethane overlays and complemented by a supportive EVA insert at the neck.


The Terrex Agravic BOA upper features a seamless, close-fitting, stretchy construction that adjusts for compression with the familiar BOA Closure System. To create sneakers, an elastic and hydrophobic synthetic material with a high level of permeability is used, which is supplemented on the outside with sealing overlays made of leatherette and flexible polyurethane.


Terrex Agravic Speed ​​GTX, Terrex Agravic Speed ​​Plus and Terrex Agravic BOA running shoes are based on an intermediate cushioning layer of EVA foam of different thicknesses and densities, which is complemented by a protective layer of mixed TPU. Inside the shoe, an anatomical insole made of shock-absorbing foam and a thin layer of sweat-wicking fabric is used, the insole provides basic support for the heel and arch of the foot.


The Terrex Agravic Speed ​​GTX, Terrex Agravic Speed ​​Plus and Terrex Agravic BOA running shoes will go on sale in spring 2019, both men’s and women’s models announced in different colorways. The recommended retail price is set by the manufacturer within 180, 120 and 150 dollars, respectively.

  • Adidas has introduced a new generation of the AdiZero running collection, the collection includes the AdiZero Adios Pro 2, AdiZero Boston 10, AdiZero Prime X and Avanti Track Spike models.

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