The First Lite Clothing brand has released two new models of gloves for active hunting for the winter season of 2016-2017 — thin liners AeroWool Liner Glove and full-fledged insulated gloves Grizzly Cold Weather Glove. Both models can be used effectively both separately and in addition to each other, which allows for a higher level of thermal insulation in harsh weather conditions..


The new stretchy and moderately thin AeroWool Liner Glove is made using lightweight proprietary Aerowool Fabric, which is a combination of natural merino wool with the introduction of 37.5 technologies from the Cocona Technology brand, which provides a higher level of vapor permeability and increases the drying speed. To create a more reliable and confident grip, all fingertips are additionally covered with a thin layer of rubberized material. The minimum allowable use temperature is up to -6°C degrees.


The Grizzly Cold Weather Glove is an insulated winter glove with an elongated layered design. The outer layer is made of silent and water-resistant nylon, which is complemented by reinforcing leather overlays. The inside is lined with a soft breathable fabric with 37.5 technology and natural wool fibers. The heat-insulating filler is made of hydrophobic synthetic insulation, more detailed characteristics of the insulation used are not specified, it is known that the minimum temperature level of acceptable use is not lower than -28°C degrees.


The presented AeroWool Liner Glove and Grizzly Cold Weather Glove gloves are offered by the manufacturer in four color options, including First Lite Fusion and ASAT Camo hunting camouflages. The recommended retail price of the gloves is set by the manufacturer at $30 and $150, respectively.

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