Autumn-winter, just the time when many runners have to train in the dark, which entails additional inconvenience and discomfort, primarily associated with the danger of running in the highway area. As always, Amphipod pays great attention to this problem and always has excellent accessories in its arsenal to increase the visibility of the athlete..


A set of two LED Clip-On Reflectors can go with almost any piece of your wardrobe, be it a cap, sweater or belt. Thanks to the magnetic clasp, the reflector is securely fastened and performs its functions perfectly. Additionally, Clip-On Reflectors are equipped with a bright red LED, which is clearly visible at night. The cost is $20.


Light up your path and increase your visibility with the $15 Swift-Clip Cap Light, which can be easily attached to the visor of a cap and powered by a regular watch battery. The Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light is lightweight, easy to operate, and can operate in constant light and strobe mode. The strobe mode is useful for attaching a flashlight to a hat or clothing when it is already too cold to wear a cap.


For those who lack the usual accessories, Amphipod offers to try the Xinglet Flash LED vest. Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED is as light as possible, has an anatomical design that makes it almost weightless. Bright green color is reflected from the entire surface of the vest, in addition, there are red LEDs on the front and back of it. The Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED vest can make you as visible as possible, thereby protecting you from accidents on the road. Retail price — $45.


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