Today, the Canadian company Arc’teryx, which is primarily well known for its large collections of technological clothing and equipment for both athletes and military and law enforcement officials, announced the preparations for the launch of its first collection of hiking shoes.. To date, the manufacturer has announced only five models of women’s and men’s shoes, or rather, two models in different modifications, in the categories — Ascent (Approach) and Traverse (Hiking).


The first category will include the Acrux FL, Acrux FL GTX and Acrux² FL low running shoes, all of which have the same look and feel, differing only in color scheme and lining. The Acrux FL has a soft mesh lining, the Acrux FL GTX has a non-removable Gore-Tex sockliner, and the Acrux² FL has a removable sockliner with a thin EVA sole and Gore-Tex lining. Only two models Bora GTX and Bora² GTX will fall into the Traverse line, the boots repeat the design and concept of lining the previous model, differing only in height.


The seamless upper of both models is made from a combination of flexible polymer and nylon materials with a polyurethane coating, which guarantee complete and reliable water resistance of the shoe. The toe and heel are protected by an additional dense layer of elastic rubber. The two-piece outsole is secured with a new non-cool method. This fastening, according to the manufacturer, allows the sole and midsole to flex and deform separately, which in turn increases comfort and improves vertical load compensation.


The sale of the first batch of new products will begin in the spring of 2015, the cost of the Acrux FL series will vary from $190 to $270, the Bora GTX and Bora² GTX boot models will cost $270 and $320, respectively.

  • Arc’teryx has launched a new model of lightweight mountain boots Acrux LT GTX Boots, the average weight of a men’s pair is about 1300 grams.

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