In addition to the introduction of new types of field uniforms, which were announced in September of this year, in 2019 the military personnel of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) will receive the third generation of platform body armor. The developers of the new platform system were tasked with creating a more mobile, comfortable and lightweight vest, without losing the level of protection and the ability to attach the necessary equipment..

According to the developers, the new vest is 23% lighter than the current platen and 45% lighter than the full-size IMTV (Improved Modular Tactical Vest). Weight reduction was achieved by reducing the shoulder straps, which also improved the buttstock, the transition to a new drop system, which is implemented using FirstSpear Tubes plastic buckles, as well as the complete abandonment of PALS lines, and the transition to a FirstSpear 6/12 type attachment. In addition, the Velcro fasteners covering the covers for ballistic plates have been completely replaced with zippers.


It is expected that the new platform vest Field Gen III Vest System will enter the troops in the fall of 2019. Despite all the announced changes, the new system, if necessary, as before, may be understaffed with removable anti-fragmentation protection for the neck, groin and shoulders.


  • FirstSpear posted on their channel a small presentation of the versatile Tubes X-Strap harness system.

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