The Canadian company Base Camp X (BCX), which mainly specializes in the production of various axes and kukri-type knives in a very classic style, recently introduced a new work knife called the BCX Bush Knife. A forged knife with a polished blade was designed to be strong enough and convenient to work directly in the field, positioned as a knife for hunting or bushcraft.


The forged full-tail blade of the working knife is made of high-carbon steel 5160 with a declared hardness in the range of 58-63 HRC. The ergonomic handle of the knife is formed by two handmade natural rosewood overlays. The total length of the knife is 267 mm, the length of the blade is almost 140 mm, and the maximum thickness on the butt does not exceed 6.4 mm. The total weight of the knife, excluding the sheath, borders on the mark of 275 grams.


The new working knife BCX Bush Knife should appear on the official website of the manufacturer in the near future.

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