Recently, Timex introduced a major update to the IRONMAN sports watch line, which includes the Timex One GPS+, Run X50+, Run X20 GPS and Move x20 Activity Monitor models. All presented models significantly expand the company’s product range, and some of them bring unique functions that have not been previously implemented in devices of this class..

Timex One GPS+ is the most advanced and interesting device presented. The main highlight of One GPS + can be called a built-in 3G chipset, thanks to which the watch can connect to the Internet without outside help. Simple data transfer is not enough here, the manufacturer has provided the Live Tracking function, which will allow you to monitor your route in real time and the SOS function, by activating which Timex One GPS + transmits your coordinates to selected contacts.


Timex One GPS + can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and synchronize with the phone book, after which all contacts remain in the watch. 3G support takes place without third-party sim cards, with the help of a chip from Qualcomm and cellular operator AT & T (in the USA), the roaming function is supported outside the country. The first year, AT&T provides free service, but then it is planned to charge a small subscription fee. How the implementation of the device will develop outside the US and Canada is still unclear. To do this, Timex needs to find reliable partners who can provide adequate 3G network coverage.

As already mentioned, Timex One GPS + is able to connect to a smartphone on iOS and Android using the Bluetooth protocol, after which, using a special utility, the watch can be configured to your needs. The watch supports the connection of peripheral devices using Bluetooth Smart, there is no ANT + support in this case.


The Timex One GPS+ watch has a large touch display and four navigation keys. Since the watch can be linked to your email inbox, you can receive and view emails directly on One GPS+, and you can reply with short messages using the keypad displayed on the watch displays. Plus, you can use pre-prepared templates to answer.

Inside the watch, there is 4GB of built-in free memory, which can be used for downloading music. For playback, a special player is provided, which displays not only navigation buttons and the title of the track, but also album covers. You can listen to music through a Bluetooth headset, and download using a USB connection to a computer.


In addition to all the above functions, Timex One GPS + also have standard functions for all watches of this class. Tracking the distance traveled, pace, elevation changes using the built-in GPS-receiver. Display of heart rate on displays using a special Bluetooth Smart sensor. For convenience, in the training mode, the screen can be divided into four zones with different indicators. Thus, it is possible to achieve the most informative display of the training process and the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

With a dedicated speed sensor, Timex One GPS+ can also be used indoors, such as on a treadmill. And once you’ve finished your workout and saved it to your watch, it’s automatically transferred to Timex’s dedicated cloud storage. Very convenient, no additional connections to a computer or synchronization of applications are needed.


In training mode with GPS and 3G turned on, the Timex One GPS+ watch can live for about 8 hours, if you turn off GPS and 3G, you can stretch about five days. For such a complex device, this is quite a good result, but Timex promises to release a software update. Which will help to extend One GPS+ operating time by optimizing all functions. In general, they plan to release updates quite often and promise to support cycling in the near future.

Timex One GPS+ will cost between $399 and $449 depending on whether a heart rate sensor is included.

Together with Timex One GPS +, simpler ones were presented, but also with the function of smart watches — Timex Run X50+which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses its GPS sensor to display distance traveled, pace and running speed, as well as notifications of messages and calls coming to your smartphone.


The Timex Run X50+ is much smaller than the Timex One GPS+, but it also has a large, high-contrast display on which text is clearly visible. The watch can work without connecting to a smartphone, but then it will simply show the training time and heart rate. After synchronization with a smartphone, all data is transferred to the Timex service, where it is processed. The Timex Run X50+ will cost $199 and $249 with a heart rate sensor.


Timex Run X20 GPS represents an entry-level watch with built-in GPS and will retail for $99. This price is justified by a number of trimmed functions, the inability to display training data from the device and the lack of support for a heart rate sensor. But, at the same time, the Timex Run X20 GPS has got a new, more contrasting display and simplified navigation, which was so lacking in the previous Marathon GPS. In its segment, the Timex Run X20 GPS will compete with the Garmin FR10 and FR15, which have slightly more features, but also a slightly higher price.


Last introduced device Timex Move x20 Activity Monitor is both an activity monitor and a simple sports watch with advanced features. The Move x20 Activity Monitor can display time, steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, and at the same time interact with a smartphone via Bluetooth, displaying information about running speed and distance traveled, weather, incoming calls and messages. Timex Move x20 is compatible with third-party fitness apps where data can be uploaded, which greatly expands the trekker’s capabilities.

The Timex Move x20 is priced at $129 and comes in four colors and multiple sizes.

  • Timex has expanded its sports line with the new Ironman T200 watch, which stands out with an interval timer and an extended stopwatch.

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