American brand BLACKHAWK! kicked off the summer season with the launch of a new collection of utility fixed blade knives designed by Andrew Arrabito, former Navy SEAL and founder of the Half Face Blades brand. At the moment, the collection already includes five models, namely EDC Blade, Karambit, Combat Filet, Combat Dagger, Field Knife, which differ from each other mainly only in the overall dimensions and geometry of the blade, while the materials are absolutely identical.


To create a blade that provides a solid full-tail construction, 3 mm CPM 154 stainless powder steel is used, with a declared hardness in the range of 59-60 units on the HRC scale. Black coated steel with additional polishing by tumbling. The handle grips have a rough, anti-slip texture and are made from an all-black G10 composite material. The pads are fixed with steel bolts for a standard torx slot.


The EDC Blade model, which is the smallest in the collection, reaches almost 172 mm in total length, the length of the blade does not exceed 70 mm. Next comes the Karambit version with a total length of about 181 mm, the length of the curved blade is also 70 mm. The Combat Filet knife has a total length of almost 210 mm, the length of the blade itself is slightly more than 95 mm. The dagger-like Combat Dagger has a 95mm blade and a total length of 216mm. The utility field knife Field Knife reaches 239 mm in total length, the blade length is almost 102 mm.


All presented models are supplied complete with a profiled sheath made of black Kydex thermoplastic, which, in turn, is complemented by a universal metal clip for easy wearing on a trouser belt, or on other items of equipment. The recommended retail price of knives ranges from 290 to 300 US dollars, you can place an order directly on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Blackhawk has released the Foundation Series of versatile platform gear, which already features 15 items.

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