Knifemaker Böker kicked off the week with the launch of several new fixed blade knives, including the Böker Cub utility knife. The knife, which is produced at the plant in Solingen (Germany), was developed according to the design of the American master Lucas Burnley and is positioned as a universal knife for use in the field. The knife combines classic design elements with modern materials and manufacturing techniques..

The new Böker Cub features a robust full-tail design, the blade is made using Böhler N690 stainless steel and is claimed to have a hardness of 58-60 HRC. To create a smooth and ergonomic handle, polished overlays made of dark Micarta material are used, which are fixed with rivets.


The total length of the presented knife does not exceed 213 mm, the length of the handle is at least 117 mm, the length of the blade itself is exactly 96 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is 3.5 mm, the weight of the knife, excluding the weight of the sheath, is 131 grams. The provided scabbard is made of thick natural leather and provides in its design a standard mount for carrying a knife on a trouser belt.


The new utility field knife Böker Cub (Böker Manufaktur Solingen Cub) is already available for order directly through the manufacturer’s website. The recommended retail price of the novelty is set at 100 euros per set.

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