Following the recently introduced Böker Plus Caracal Folder and Böker Plus Wildcat knives, the Böker Plus brand has added another Böker Plus Caracal Fixed Blade to its knife collection. The presented knife is also designed by Boris Manasherov, a well-known knifemaker and Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat instructor in the Israeli army..


The new Caracal Fixed Blade knife almost completely inherits the folding version, including the materials used, the design of the blade and partially the handle, with the exception of dimensions, weight and, of course, functionality. The blade, which has a full-tail design, is made using D2 tool steel, the hardness of the steel is stated at the level of 57-61 HRC.


The handle of the knife is made using shaped and textured ergonomic pads made of the well-known G-10 material in completely black color, the pads are fixed with ordinary bots for a standard torx slot. The functionality of the Caracal Fixed Blade handle includes a percussion protruding end and a medium-diameter lanyard hole.


The length of the presented knife with a fixed blade is exactly 230 mm, the total length of the blade itself is 105 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is 4.8 mm. The weight of the product, excluding the weight of the scabbard, is 209 grams. The kit comes with a molded Kydex thermoplastic sheath and a universal polymer mount.

The new utility knife with a fixed blade Böker Plus Caracal Fixed Blade is priced at around 100 euros per set.

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