Recently, the collection of folding everyday knives from the well-known Böker Plus brand has been replenished with the new Böker Plus Stowaway model, which is based on the fairly popular Böker Plus Credit Card Knife. Unlike the base model, whose design is based on the knives of the American master John Kubasek, the Stowaway model has a different blade shape and significantly increased overall dimensions..


The oversized skeletal Drop-Point blade, which has a one-sided sharpening, is made of 440C stainless steel, the hardness of the steel used is declared at 58 HRC. To remove the Stowaway blade, there is a characteristic cutout for the thumb, the blade is fixed in the open / closed position using a Frame-Lock type lock.


The skeletal handle, which is mostly the lock, is made of titanium. The design of the handle includes a hole for a lanyard, a fully removable clip, a protective lining made of G10 material, as well as a stopper in the form of a bolt, which prevents a possible accidental turn of the blade at 180 degrees.


The total length of the Böker Plus Stowaway knife with the blade removed is at least 159 mm, the blade length is 71 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is 1.3 mm, the total weight is only 32 grams. At the moment, it is possible to order a new knife only through the official online store, the cost of the order, excluding delivery, will be about 50 euros.


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