Women’s fleece jacket Estera from the Polish company Campus, was purchased in the middle of summer, the new thing has successfully taken the place of a light and thin warming layer of clothing with a wide range of applications. It is quite possible to wear it, both from the outside in dry and calm weather, and by putting it under a windbreaker, or under a tighter one. third layer. On cold days this month, I usually wore it under an old Columbia Pearl Plush fleece and a thin Nike windbreaker. Campus Estera attracted with its practical and very feminine appearance, cut and, of course, low price.

The jacket is made of synthetic heat-insulating fabric Polar Isoline 100 (100% polyester), in fact, we have a fairly high-quality, thin and elastic microfleece, which has not yet lost its original shape. The microfleece material is hand washed and dries without any problems or difficulties, its only problem is the black color, on which various dust particles, fluff, threads from other layers of clothing, etc. are very well kept. All seams of the product are exceptionally flat, the quality of the seams is excellent, there are no bumps, gaps or sharpening threads at all. The central zipper is made by the well-known YKK company, the zipper is protected from blowing by a valve on the inside.

The cut of the sweater is very simple, sporty and comfortable, there is a very high two-layer collar with chin protection from lightning bites, a slightly elongated back and elongated sleeves with cutouts for the thumb. The cuffs of the sleeves and the hem of the jacket are pulled together with a flexible and thin elastic band, which prevents the product from losing its shape, riding up and releasing heat out. Despite the declared anatomical cut, it turned out to be not quite the same, this mainly applies to the sleeves. Contrary to the correctly chosen size, as for me, the width of the sleeve itself is excessively large, which is not very comfortable and beautiful.


In general, the Campus Estera sweater turned out to be very practical, the lack of protruding pockets allowed it to be worn under any layer of clothing from different manufacturers. The density of the fleece was enough to use the jacket as an outer layer, wearing over a regular cotton T-shirt or thermal T-shirt, in the cool, dry days of August and in the first days of September.

The jacket was ordered in the official Ukrainian online store Campus, the order cost $32.

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