Before starting the review, I would like to say a few words about the CampuS brand itself. CampuS was founded in 1997 by the European manufacturer Euromark Polska, which since 1993 has been manufacturing and distributing sports and hiking equipment, footwear and clothing for sports and outdoor activities..


The CampuS IMIR men’s jacket was purchased at the beginning of October in the online store, the store of Euromark Ukraine LLC, which is a subsidiary of Euromark Polska. In the store, the jacket is presented in two colors, in black and light brown, at a price of 899 UAH. The jacket was delivered the next day after the order, payment was made by cash on delivery. Since I don’t snowboard and don’t plan to start anytime soon, the jacket was purchased purely out of need for something warm, lightweight, durable, waterproof, windproof and versatile.


Upon receiving the order, the first thing I noticed was the weight, the jacket was very light and thinner than I imagined. A further closer examination showed that the jacket was made with high quality, there were no protruding threads and poorly stitched seams, all seams are even, strong. The jacket sits freely, does not hinder movements, in a trailer a snowboarding jacket should be like that. Drawstrings on the bottom of the jacket help to fit it to the figure and eliminate blowing.


The back of IMIR is made a little longer than the front to cover the «fifth point» when bending over or sitting. Full-length jacket with a tight 6-button flap for additional wind protection. The hood is adjustable with irons along the oval and in depth, it is quite comfortable, does not fall off when running, does not reduce the viewing angle. There are three pockets on the front, two on the bottom and one on the chest, all zipped pockets with additional external Velcro flaps to protect against wind, water or snow. Another external pocket is located on the shoulder of the left sleeve, closed with a flap with buttons and Velcro, the fabric in the elbow area is denser. The cuffs of the sleeves are pulled together and fixed with Velcro.


Inside CampuS IMIR there is a snow skirt with belt clips, it perfectly fulfills its purpose, cold air does not get in, warm air is consumed less. The inner mesh pocket is quite spacious, at the same time put a hat, a smartphone with headphones into it, and it did not stand out externally and did not hinder movements.


The manufacturer claims that the outer fabric of the jacket is Nylon Taffeta with a two-layer polyurethane microporous membrane Vaportex Base, which maintains a favorable microclimate, provides water resistance up to 3,000 mm H2O and vapor permeability up to 3,000 g/sq. m in 24 hours.


In fact, the CampuS IMIR jacket was worn in the city in conditions of heavy rain, wind and temperatures from -5ºС to +8ºС. The jacket did not let the wind through, the water flowed down and did not linger. Under the jacket, the standard clothes of the «manager» were worn — a shirt and a thin sweater, at a temperature of -5ºС I felt as comfortable as at +8ºС, it was neither hot nor cold. I am sure that when using the right layers in clothing (the first layer of thermal underwear, the second layer of a jacket made of fleece or merino wool), the jacket will be comfortable even at a temperature of -25ºС.

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