The Böker Plus brand of folding knives recently added about a dozen new items, including the Böker Plus Caracal Folder and Böker Plus Wildcat models, designed by Boris Manasherov, knife maker and military Krav Maga instructor. Israel. The first model is positioned as a convenient utility knife for everyday use, the second is based on traditional karambit knives and is suitable as a self-defense tool..


The blade of both presented models is made of D2 tool steel, the hardness of the steel used corresponds to the parameters 57-61 HRC. The handle is made with a combination of steel liners, dense textured G10 grips and a steel spacer that transitions into a lanyard/holding ring. The Böker Plus Caracal Folder and Böker Plus Wildcat have a characteristic opening and a flipper to remove the blade.


The total length of the Böker Plus Caracal Folder is 213 mm, the blade length is 87 mm, the thickness of the blade on the butt is 3.5 mm. The length of the Böker Plus Wildcat is no more than 185 mm, the length of the curved blade is 71 mm, the maximum thickness on the butt is 3.4 mm. The weight of the knives does not exceed 159 and 129 grams, respectively.


The Böker Plus Caracal Folder and Böker Plus Wildcat models are already available for order on the manufacturer’s website, both new items are priced at around 90 euros.

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