The young American brand Cirrus Cycles has developed a new seatpost with a light and small cushioning system and put their project on Kickstarter. It was scheduled to raise $10,000 by October 7, 2012 to start production, and over $12,000 has already been raised. According to the developers, the BodyFloat™ suspension seatpost allows you to make cycling more comfortable, smooth out shocks and vibrations when riding, and also reduce the load and make riding more efficient.


Designed to be compatible with most bike frames, BodyFloat allows you to quickly adjust for different types of riding, as well as effectively adjust the configuration to different rider weights, thanks to interchangeable damping springs. The developers have already developed two models BodyFloat Model 2.0 and BodyFloat Model 3.0, the difference in materials used, weight and price, BodyFloat Model 3.0 is $100 more expensive.


The minimum pre-order price for the BodyFloat Model 2.0 is $220 with international shipping, with orders starting in February 2013. For an additional $50, you can order your own product design. >

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