This comparative review will look at the main differences and advantages of the popular 5.11 RUSH series backpacks from 5.11 Tactical, the review includes the RUSH 72, RUSH 24 and RUSH 12 models. At first glance, it may seem that the 5.11 RUSH backpacks are exactly the same and differ only in volume. In fact, each backpack model in its design has a number of characteristic differences both in the placement of compartments and their functionality. All models, without exception, are made using wear-resistant and durable nylon, the density of the material is not less than 1050 denier. UTX-Duraflex plastic fittings, YKK zippers. The total useful volume of the RUSH 72, RUSH 24 and RUSH 12 backpacks is 47, 34 and 22 liters, respectively.

The three-day backpack model 5.11 RUSH 72 has been in my use for almost a year and a half, for the entire period the backpack has never let me down. It was mercilessly used both in field and urban conditions, all elements and seams still remained intact and without visible wear. To date, for me, the 5.11 RUSH series of backpacks remains the most convenient and functional. First of all, this applies to the proprietary design of the back and shoulder straps, the so-called Yoke Shoulder Strap System, which perfectly distributes weight and makes long-term wearing of a loaded backpack more comfortable. The key difference between the 5.11 RUSH 72 and the RUSH 24 and RUSH 12, in addition to the overall volume, is the presence of an unloading belt, large pockets on the sides, as well as the design of the upper and lower organizational compartments. Plus, in 5.11 RUSH 72, the plastic frame in the back is complemented by a rigid aluminum plate.

Backpack 5.11 RUSH 12 the smallest in the series, however, its volume was enough for me to pack a 3-liter hydraulic system, a softshell jacket and a fleece jacket with a hood, gloves, a hat, a shemagh, a laptop and several accessories for it. In addition, external compartments were used for documents, mobile devices, goggles and various equipment on a clip. In total, the backpack has a main compartment with a pocket for a laptop or hydraulic system and two utility mesh pockets, a small fleece-lined compartment at the top of the backpack, a separate compartment for the hydraulic system behind the back of the backpack, an organizer compartment with many different pockets and a small compartment-pocket above it .

Compared to the 5.11 RUSH 72 in terms of design and functionality, the 5.11 RUSH 12 backpack has no side pockets at all, only standard PALS-slings are located here. The organizational compartment differs in size and set of internal pockets, it is also completely sewn on, which eliminates the possibility of using the space between the organizational and main compartments, as implemented in 5.11 RUSH 72. The upper small compartment does not have internal pockets or partitions at all.


The main compartment of the backpack opens completely, in comparison with the «big brother», it lost only two utility pockets with zippers. The suspension system is almost completely the same, instead of the unloading belt there are two plastic buckles, as in the 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack backpack.

The design of the 5.11 RUSH 24 one-day backpack seems to me to be closer to the RUSH 72 model than to the RUSH 12, although at the same time this model has a less developed internal structure of the organizational compartment, plus this compartment is completely sewn on. The large front organizer has grown in size without increasing the number of internal pockets. The top compartment is larger and divided into two smaller compartments, each with a small zippered mesh pocket and a fleece-lined open pocket.

The 5.11 RUSH 24 backpack has added zippered compartments on the sides of the backpack, outwardly they are almost invisible. The main compartment of the backpack opens completely to the base, as in the previous two models, which allows you to conveniently load / remove any equipment. The compartment has grown in size and added two utility pockets, its design completely repeats the compartment in the RUSH 72 model.


Considering the backpacks of the 5.11 Tactical RUSH series, one cannot fail to mention the RUSH Tier System, which allows, for example, one of the RUSH Moab bags or the same RUSH 12 backpack to be quickly attached to the outside of the RUSH 72. This system also includes a case for RUSH firearms Tier Rifle Sleeve.

In general, the series of backpacks turned out to be more than successful, everyone can choose for themselves exactly the functionality and volume of the backpack that will best meet the assigned requirements. In Ukraine, the 5.11 Tactical RUSH series backpacks are available in green (TAC OD), sandstone, black and brown (Flat Dark Earth), as well as in MultiCam colors. Recently, the 5.11 RUSH 72 model has also appeared in the Realtree Xtra hunting camouflage. The cost of 5.11 RUSH 72, depending on the choice of color, ranges from $206 to $303, backpacks 5.11 RUSH 24 and 5.11 RUSH 12 will cost $151-220 and $124-179, respectively.

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