In the spring of 2018, the German brand Deuter, in addition to the previously presented Futura Pro, Aircontact Lite and other new products, will completely update and expand its ultra-light Speed ​​Lite backpack collection, which will include no less than nine versions in various color options, including specialized women’s models. The presented series is distinguished by the manufacturer as light and relatively compact backpacks for simple daily trips, ease of walking and speed hiking..


Among the key features of the updated collection, in addition to the new appearance, it is worth noting the new unloading and hanging system. For models with a volume of 12, 16 and 20 liters, where an unloading belt is not used (the 20-liter version has a removable belt lock), the Lite System has been developed, consisting of a volumetric mesh and a U-shaped frame made of Delrin polymer material. In backpacks with a volume of 22 to 32 liters, a more developed Air Lite System is used, which is distinguished by the presence of a ventilated unloading belt and a more ventilated back.


The small Speed ​​Lite backpacks in their design, in addition to the main compartment with a fastening for a drinking system, provide a small compartment in the upper part for various small things, a waterproof compartment for wet things, external elastic pockets, as well as a pair of compression straps, a helmet fastening and an additional fastening under marker lamp.


The larger Speed ​​Lite models (22 SL, 24, 24 SL, 26, 30 SL, 32) feature a removable top flap compartment, a wide front compression flap, an additional pair of adjustable compression straps along the bottom edge, and a trekking strap. sticks, ice axes and two rows of reinforced slings for equipment on a carabiner (Daisy chain).

The presented lightweight backpacks Deuter Speed ​​Lite Series 2018 should go on sale in early spring 2018, the recommended retail price of backpacks will start at $ 60.

  • The Deuter brand announced the release of a new line of lightweight Speed ​​Lite backpacks for the spring of 2022, seven models are presented at once.
  • For next season, Deuter is planning to launch a new line of lightweight Ascender shoulder pads designed for trail running and speed hiking.

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