The American company Tenzing, which specializes primarily in the production of equipment for hunters, has introduced its own military tactical line this season, releasing two models of daily backpacks — Tenzing TTSP14 and Tenzing TT2220, which are based on previously released models of hunting backpacks. The manufacturer characterizes the novelties as functional, comfortable and high-strength backpacks for everyday use both in the city and in the field..


First of all, the Tenzing TTSP14 and Tenzing TT2220 models, in addition to their design, are distinguished by the use of Cordura nylon waterproof fabric as the main material with an impressive overall density, which is declared at 5000 denier, which makes backpacks almost indestructible, but also significantly increases the weight of products. Plastic fittings and all used zippers are produced exclusively by YKK.


In their design, the daily backpacks Tenzing TTSP14 and Tenzing TT2220 provide at least 16 and 13 different pockets and compartments, respectively, including a separate compartment for a three-liter drinking system, removable pockets on the unloading belt and several utility compartments for organizing small things. In addition, the backpacks have a fastening for long-barreled firearms or a compound bow, as well as a small pocket for a raincoat. The suspension system is formed by aluminum arcs, a padded back, adjustable shoulder straps and a removable unloading belt.


At this stage, the new Tenzing TTSP14 and Tenzing TT2220 daypacks are only available in two color options (OD Green, Kryptek LEAF Typhon). Suggested retail price, depending on the choice of model and color, varies from 250 to 290 US dollars.


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