Böker Plus brand has recently announced three new folding knives for everyday use, designed by master craftsman Chad Los Banos. The new products presented are called Böker Plus DW-1, Böker Plus DW-2 and Böker Plus Worldwide. The first two models are made in the same style and from identical materials, differing from each other mainly only in dimensions. The third knife differs in both materials, appearance and overall dimensions, as well as the shape of the blade.


The blade of pocket knives Böker Plus DW-1 and Böker Plus DW-2 is made using AUS-8 stainless steel, the hardness of which is declared within 57-58 HRC. The handle of the knives is formed by a frame-lock steel lock and Zytel reinforced polymer material. The length of the open knives does not exceed 71 mm and 102 mm, the total length of the blade is only 27 mm and 41 mm, the thickness on the butt is 1.9 and 2.0 mm, respectively. The weight of the knives is stated at 35 and 47 grams.


For the manufacture of the Böker Plus Worldwide folding knife, VG-10 steel is used, the hardness is declared at the level of 58-60 HRC. The handle is formed by steel liners, a spacer and grips made of completely black Zytel polymer material. The blade is fixed by the sliding method (Slip Joint), for the extraction of the blade, a characteristic notch is provided for the thumbnail. The total length of the open knife is 172 mm, the blade length is 68 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is about 2 mm, the weight of the knife is 152 grams.


The Böker Plus Worldwide model should start on September 15, the knife is priced at 35 euros, the Böker Plus DW-1 and Böker Plus DW-2 knives will go on sale no earlier than 23 September, at a price of 20 and 25 euros respectively.>

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