Recently, Eberlestock has expanded its hunting product line with a new specialized case for transporting modern compound bows, called the A4FB Superbucket Bow Carrier. This dense case allows you to conveniently transport and store equipment, and at the same time protects from possible external influences.. The design was based on previously produced models of covers for long-barreled firearms.


The key advantages of the A4FB Superbucket Bow Carrier, just like with gun cases, include the ability to adjust the height of the case, shock-absorbing walls, modular design, as well as the possibility of both independent use and «docking» with new frame backpacks such as F2 Transformer . The cover consists of two main parts, which are pulled together by compression straps. To create a cover, nylon material with a density of no more than 1000 denier is mainly used.


The new Eberlestock Superbucket Bow Carrier is available in Dry Earth, Hide-Open Timber Veil and Hide-Open Western Slope for a suggested retail price of $150 or less. The total height of the cover is between 61-106 cm, the maximum width is just over 48 cm. The total weight of the cover is almost 2.3 kg.>

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