The American brand Vanquest Gear, a manufacturer of various casual military-tactical gear, recently launched the third generation of its ENVOY shoulder bag, which will replace the version introduced in 2014. The ENVOY 3.0 bag has retained its overall look and dimensions, but has received three design changes and is now available in camouflage colors.


The bag is made, as before, mainly using Cordura nylon material with a declared total density of at least 1000 denier (camouflaged versions are made of 500 density material), the material is treated with Teflon impregnation. Inside the bag, a bright orange nylon lining with rip-stop reinforcement and a density of no more than 210 denier is used. Military specification plastic hardware made by ITW Nexus and UTX-Duraflex, used zippers exclusively from YKK.

The overall dimensions of the ENVOY 3.0 Messenger Bag do not exceed 43 cm in length and 28 cm in height and 18 cm in thickness, the internal dimensions of the main compartment are 41 cm in length, just over 25 cm in height and 15 cm in thickness. The weight of an empty one-color bag is declared at the level of 1.17 kg. For transportation, there is a wide shoulder strap with a soft anti-slip backing and an additional belt lock, a pair of reinforced handles in the upper part, as well as a special through fastener that allows you to transport the bag by attaching it to the retractable handle of the travel bag.


Compared to the previous generation, the ENVOY 3.0 Messenger Bag model has been supplemented with side folding pockets for a Nalgene-type liter flask, internal compartments have received more attachments for convenient sorting of everyday equipment and concealed carrying of handguns. The front Velcro panel has also been changed, allowing you to mount pouches with MOLLE fastening.


The Vanquest Gear ENVOY 3.0 Messenger Bag is available in Black, Coyote Tan, Wolf Gray, MultiCam and MultiCam Black. The bag in solid colors does not exceed $145, the camouflage version will cost at least $155.

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