Two Americans Tyler Case and Sam Bensalem have developed a small universal EVERcap charcoal water filter, the design of which allows it to be used with most standard plastic bottles. Charcoal filter in a special plastic shell that does not contain the harmful chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA — Free), screwed instead of a 28 mm diameter cap. Under pressure during drinking, water passes through a cartridge with activated carbon, which purifies water from mechanical pollutants, neutralizes chlorine and organochlorine compounds, pathogenic bacteria and other impurities.


The developers claim that one filter is enough to clean approximately 320 bottles filled with water, they also recommend using the filter with purchased water, the quality of which cannot always be sure. New EVERcap charcoal filter project is up for grabs on indiegogo, aiming to raise $8,000, minimum set of three filters $20, plus $10 international shipping.

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