Fenix ​​recently launched four new LED headlamps from the HP and HL series. The HP series will be supplemented by the HP01, HP05 and HP30 models, the HL series will soon be supplemented by the HL22 model. Lanterns differ in power and type of LED, type of batteries and, of course, cost. The hermetically sealed housing of all models is made from a combination of aluminum and impact resistant plastic, devices without consequences will withstand drops from a meter height, and will continue to work under heavy rain.


Model Fenix ​​HP01 equipped with a bright white Cree XP-G (R5) LED with a maximum output of 210 lumens, which is complemented by a small red LED for illumination at close distances. The flashlight is powered by two replaceable AA batteries (Ni-MH, Alkaline). The HP01 flashlight can operate in six modes: Turbo (210 lumens, 1.55/1.15 hours), High (105 lumens, 4.30/3.40 hours), Mid (45 lumens, 11/11.40 hours), Low (4 lumens, 125/135 hours ), SOS (45 lumens) and Red Light Mode, in which only one red LED is turned on. In the maximum mode, the flashlight illuminates a distance of up to 102 meters. The recommended price is $50.


Headlamp Fenix ​​HP05 functionally repeats the previous model, mainly differs in greater power and energy source. The HP05 model also uses a Cree XP-G (R5) paired with a small red LED. The flashlight has six modes: Turbo (350 lumens, 2.35/2.15 hours), High (150 lumens, 6.10/9 hours), Mid (50 lumens, 17.20/18 hours), Low (4 lumens, 160/170 hours), SOS (50 lumens) and Red Light Mode. The maximum distance is 122 meters. Duration of work is provided by three AA batteries (Ni-MH, Alkaline). The recommended cost is $56.


in the lantern Fenix ​​HP30 a bright Cree XM-L2 LED is installed. The maximum power of the flashlight is 900 lumens, the distance is 233 meters. The flashlight can operate in six modes: Turbo (900 lumens), High (500 lumens, 3.50 hours), Mid (200 lumens, 12 hours), Low (65 lumens, 32.40 hours), Eco (4 lumens, 300 hours) and SOS (200 lumens). The device is powered by two 18650 batteries or four CR123A batteries. The recommended retail price is $90.


Small headlamp Phoenix HL22 equipped with Cree XP-E R4 LED with a maximum output of 120 lumens. For its operation, the flashlight uses only one AA battery (Ni-MH, Alkaline). The Fenix ​​HL22 can operate in four modes: High (120 lumens, 1.20/1.30 hours), Mid (45 lumens, 5.30/4.35 hours), Low (3 lumens, 53/55 hours), SOS (45 lumens). Expected recommended price is $35.>

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