The American company Iron Hammer Corporation, which manufactures various components for firearms and has experience in the production of axes, knives, etc., has launched a separate trademark, Iron Hammer Forge (IHF). Under this brand, it is planned to combine the release of various tools. The first product was a multi-tool called the Fisher Spear Wilderness Survival Tool, which was designed directly as a multi-purpose tool for survival in the field..


The IHF Fisher Spear tool, which has a one-sided sharpening, can be used as a spearhead, a knife, an integral element of a trap, provides for various attachment methods, and due to its relatively small dimensions, weight of 40 grams and a special shaped sheath, it can be worn around the neck.


The ground Fisher Spear Wilderness Survival Tool is made from a single piece of 1095 carbon steel, total length is just over 141mm, maximum width 30mm, thickness 3.2mm. In this case, the length of the cutting edge is not less than 51 mm. The handle of the tool is formed by the winding of the 550th paracord that comes with the kit.


The new Fisher Spear Wilderness Survival Tool is offered in two packages, both a basic version (tool, sheath, paracord) and an advanced version with three tools included. To date, the company is already accepting pre-orders, the shipment of the first batch is scheduled for the end of April. The cost of placing an order is 45 and 115 dollars, respectively.


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