Today the Ukrainian trademark A.T.A.K.A. announced the release of a new model of insulating fleece jacket called the Fleece Battle Jacket (FBJ). When developing the novelty, the very popular model of the ADS ECWCS Gen III Level 3 jacket was taken as the basis, which is used by the US Army as the third insulating layer of clothing and is worn over thermal underwear.


Basically, the FBJ jacket is made using a dense fleece material, which, according to the manufacturer, is not inferior to the characteristics of the Polartec Thermal Pro material. Fleece material provides the necessary thermal insulation and vapor permeability. The elbow area, under the sleeves and the shoulders on the outside are reinforced with a layer of rip-foot fabric with a camouflage pattern. In addition to reinforced zones, the jacket has a high collar, a two-way central zip, an extended back, two front pockets for warming hands and two internal mesh pockets with an elastic neck.


Originally A.T.A.K.A. The Fleece Battle Jacket will be available in four colors: MultiCam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, and PenCott GZ, priced between $67 and $70 depending on the color choice.

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