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Among the latest knife novelties of this season from the American brand Zero Tolerance is the new folding pocket knife ZT 0220, designed by the famous Danish craftsman Jens Ansø. This is the first collaboration between Jens and Zero Tolerance, and as the manufacturer claims, it will not be the last. The everyday knife is made in a recognizable style from reliable and high-quality materials and components..


The straight ground ZT 0220 Drop-Point blade is made of CPM S35VN stainless steel, the hardness of the steel used is set in the range of 59-61 HRC. For convenient and quick removal of the blade, a KVT axial bearing and a relatively small flipper are provided. In the open / closed position, the blade is fixed with a Frame-Lock type lock.


The smooth, ergonomic handle of the new knife is formed by titanium alloy grips and a wide orange anodized aluminum spacer. The pads are fixed with three pairs of bolts for a torx slot. The design provides for a removable insole clip that can be «thrown» under the right or left hand, as well as a wide hole for a lanyard.

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The length of the open pocket knife is 213 mm, when closed, the total length does not exceed 124 mm, while the length of the blade itself is exactly 89 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is slightly more than 4.06 mm, the thickness of the handle, excluding the clip, is almost 13 mm. The weight of the product is about 176 grams.


The Zero Tolerance ZT 0220 knife is available for order both through the official online store and through the main dealers. It has a suggested retail price of $285 and is already available in stores for no more than $228.>

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