Yesterday, Triple Aught Design unveiled the new Martin Knives HH TAD Edition custom knife, which will be available in limited quantities from time to time. Martin Knives is a small family business of Ed and Newt Martin, who are famous for their original designs of tactical and combat knives.hunting and survival knives, hollow-handled survival knives are especially popular.


Especially for TAD Gear, a knife with a hollow handle with a compass built into the lid was developed, the design and diameter of the handle allow it to be used under a survival kit. The knife blade is made of CPM S30V corrosion-resistant steel with a hardness of 58-60 HRC, blade length — 126 mm, cutting edge length — 101 mm. The cross of the knife is made of 416 stainless steel, the length of the cross is 72 mm.


The hollow handle with a diameter of 27 mm is made of 400 stainless steel, the cover is made of aluminum. A cord with a strength of up to 45 kg is wound on the handle from the outside. The handle can be used as a waterproof container for matches, money, disinfectant tablets, etc.


The Martin Knives HH TAD Edition is 275 mm long and weighs 499 grams and comes with Steve Shepard’s exclusive leather sheath. The first small batch was sold in minutes, the price of the knife was $550.>

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