Simultaneously with the premium GravityMaster GWR-B1000 collection, Casio is preparing to release another new series of shockproof watches from the G-Shock collection. The line is called G-Shock GA-2000, and will initially have three versions (GA-2000-1A, GA-2000-1A9, GA-2000E-4), which are also based on the new Carbon Core Guard technology. At the same time, unlike the GWR-B1000, where the Carbon Monocoque design is based, the GA-2000 uses a more classic body design..


The G-Shock GA-2000 shockproof watch case (51.2 x 48.7 x 14.1 mm, 64 g, 20 ATM/ 200 m) consists of four key elements, namely, a reinforced carbon polymer center part, a front polymer bezel, a stainless steel back steel and an additional layer of glass-reinforced polymer on the back, which also forms the basis of the quick-change strap system. Mineral glass is used to protect the combination dial. The quick-change strap is available in a choice of colors and two materials.


The G-Shock GA-2000 watch provides basic functionality, Tough Solar Multi-Band 6 and Smartphone Link technologies are not provided, the watch runs on a battery that should last for three years. The watch features a world time function with 12/24 hour display, automatic calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, five independent alarms and Super Illuminator LED lighting.


The estimated cost of the G-Shock GA-2000-1A and G-Shock GA-2000-1A9 models will be about $145. The G-Shock GA-2000E-4 version (black dial, red strap) will ship with two extra straps, with an estimated cost of at least $180. Free sales of new protected watches should begin in the coming months.

  • Casio has announced two new series of shockproof G-Shock watches with steel bezels, the GM-2100 and GM-S2100 models, which are based on the G-Shock GA-2100.
  • Casio has announced a new G-Shock GA-2200 shockproof watch series, which is a mixture of the GA-2000 and GA-2100 models.

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