Simultaneously with the previously introduced G-Squad GBD-200 series, Casio is preparing for next month a new shockproof line of watches within the Carbon Core Guard collection, the G-Shock GA-2200 model. The novelty, which will initially have four versions (GA-2200BB-1AJF, GA-2200-2AJF, GA-2200M-1AJF, GA-2200M-4AJF), ​​is a kind of symbiosis of design elements of the GA-2000 and GA-2100 series, leaving practically unchanged overall functionality and dimensions.


The shock-resistant and sealed case of the G-Shock GA-2200 models will have a multi-layered structure, consisting of a bumper bezel and a reinforced carbon polymer center, a steel back cover and a reinforced polymer bottom. To protect the combination dial, mineral glass will be used. On the wrist, the watch is fixed with a polyurethane strap with a steel buckle.


The G-Shock GA-2200 shockproof watch will have relatively basic functionality, including a 12/24-hour world time function, automatic calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, five independent alarms, and Super Illuminator LED backlighting, complemented by fluorescent coated Neobrite, and is activated by a separate button at the bottom of the bezel.


Free sales models Casio G-Shock GA-2200 should start next month. The estimated cost of the new watch, depending on the choice of design option, will vary from $150 for the GA-2200-2A version to $160 for the GA-2200M-1A and GA-2200M-4A models, which provide an additional decorative dial coating .


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