As part of the new Carbon Core Guard technology, in addition to the previously announced GravityMaster GWR-B1000 and G-Shock GA-2000 series, Casio has introduced another series, this time from the popular dirt-resistant G-Shock MudMaster collection. The series received the commercial name MudMaster GG-B100, and initially will consist of three models (GG-B100-1A, GG-B100-1A3, GG-B100-1A9), which will differ only in color.

The design of the new MudMaster GG-B100 shockproof watch will largely follow the design of the G-Shock GA-2000, the same layered case construction (20 ATM / 200 m), including a reinforced carbon polymer center part, a stainless steel cover and an additional layer of reinforced polymer on the back. At the same time, the polymer bezel of the novelty has a three-layer construction with the addition of a thin decorative layer of carbon fiber. Mineral glass is used to protect the dial.

The functionality of the MudMaster GG-B100 series (55.4 x 34.9 x 19.3 mm, 93 g.) provides a new sensor Quad Sensor, which includes a digital compass, altimeter / barometer, thermometer and accelerometer (pedometer) and Smartphone Link (Bluetooth) technology. In the list of basic functions, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, an automatic calendar and a world time function are announced. For work in the dark, there is a LED backlight. The clock is powered by a CR2025 battery, which should last for 2 years of continuous operation.


The start of free sales of a new series of shockproof G-Shock MudMaster GG-B100 is scheduled for July 2019, the future price is set by the manufacturer within 350 US dollars.


  • Casio has introduced a new model of protected watch G-Shock MudMaster GWG-2000, which includes a case made of pressed carbon fiber.

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