In the past few years, the products of the Chinese knife brand Ganzo (Yangjiang Ganzo Tools Co., Ltd) are gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to a very wide range of models, acceptable product quality and a fairly affordable price. Today the company operates in three main areas: specialized tools, folding knives and multi-tools.. It is multitools that are the «horse» of the company, which brought her fame. The Ganzo G300 series of tools has become one of the latest additions to the line, the series includes models: G301, G301-H and G301-B, the models differ mainly only in coating.


The G301-B multitool comes with a hard case, a set of eleven bits and a bit holder, as well as a small colored instruction sheet describing the functions of the product and the manufacturer. The cover has a two-layer structure, the outer layer is made of very dense nylon, the lining material, in terms of feel and appearance, resembles neoprene. The case closes with a brass button with the Ganzo logo. On the reverse side of the nylon sheath, there are three attachment straps sewn on, which allow you to carry the tool on the trouser belt in a horizontal or vertical position. For fastening on a backpack or vest, you can use the metal clips of the ALICE fastening.

The dimensions of the folded tool reach 105 mm in length and almost 52 mm in width, the thickness of the handle is 16 mm, the length with the pliers removed is at least 166 mm. Judging by the information on the official website of the company, two types of steels were used to create the multitool: pliers are made of tool chrome-vanadium steel (Cr-V), the rest of the tools are made of 440C stainless steel. The handle is formed by fully metal plates, each plate is fixed with four Torx screws.

And of course, another important feature of this multitool is its price, the Ganzo G301-B was ordered from an online store and cost only $38, including international shipping.

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