Gerber Gear continues to showcase new items this season, including a more specialized category for hunters. In addition to the previously introduced series of knives designed with professional hunter Randy Newberg, the company has introduced the Gerber Exo-Mod collection of knives and tools. At this stage, the line already includes three products in two colors to choose from (black, orange), namely the Exo-Mod Drop-Point and Exo-Mod Caper knives, and the Exo-Mod Bone Saw bone cutter.


The presented novelties, which provide a lightweight and full-tail design, and are made of identical materials, are primarily distinguished by their transport system. The Exo-Mod system is a set of lightweight and profiled polymer scabbards that can be used individually or stacked together to form a single set.


To create tools of the Gerber Exo-Mod line, Chinese corrosion-resistant steel of the 7Cr17MoV brand is used, with a declared hardness of 57-59 units on the HRC scale, which is additionally ground by tumbling. The skeletonized handle is made using reinforced polypropylene, almost the same material is used to create the scabbard.


A series of hunting knives and tools Gerber Exo-Mod will go on sale in the near future, and so far only in two colors to choose from. The Exo-Mod Drop-Point and Exo-Mod Caper knives are priced at $33 and $28 respectively, while the Exo-Mod Bone Saw is $31.

Name Exo Mod Drop Point Exo Mod Caper Exo-Mod Bone Saw
Blade materials 7Cr17MoV 7Cr17MoV 7Cr17MoV
Handle materials Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Full length 217 mm 186 mm 191 mm
Handle length 121 mm 129 mm 130 mm
Blade length 96 mm 57 mm 125 mm
The weight 74 g 51 g 73 g
MSRP 33$ 28$ 31$

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