The Gerber Gear brand has teamed up with professional hunter Randy Newberg to create a new collection of hunting knives, which so far has only two models — Randy Newberg DTS (Dual Tool System) and Randy Newberg EBS (Exchangeable Blade System). The first model is distinguished by the combination of two tools in one product, the second by its quick-change blade system..


The design of the Randy Newberg DTS folding knife (164 g) includes a relatively classic folding blade made of 440C steel, which is removed using a special recess and fixed with an AXIS Lock type lock, as well as a separate folding blade for cutting thick skin and tendons, made of D2 grade tool steel . The total length of the open knife is 226 mm.


The Randy Newberg EBS set (170 g) will include three quick-change blades made of 440C steel at once, which differ in length, reduction and type of sharpening. The blades are secured using the Split Sec Tech system. Similar to the folding model, the handle will be made from a combination of steel reinforcements with anti-slip pads made of glass-reinforced nylon. The knife will be equipped with a special «silent» case for transportation.


New specialized knives, Randy Newberg DTS and Randy Newberg EBS, will go on free sale in the summer of 2020, the recommended retail price is set at $60 by the manufacturer. It will be possible to place an order through the official online store of the company.


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