More than a decade ago, Gerber Gear expanded its collection of pocket multi-tools with the Gerber Vise Pocket Tool, which was described by the manufacturer as a compact, lightweight and convenient pocket multi-tool keychain with the optimal amount of functionality for everyday wear. This model of the multitool has already been officially discontinued, but is still freely available for ordering through many specialized stores..

I used to refer to multi-tools in this form factor as a «toy», but this continued until my acquaintance with the Gerber Dime Micro-Tool model, which proved to be excellent in both hiking and everyday scenarios. A small tool that weighs little and does not take up much space, was often used to open various correspondence, unscrew small bolted connections, as a scraper to remove various markings, trim nails and burrs, as well as carefully cut small cords, adhesive tape, electrical tape, etc. .


In a good way, the Gerber Vise Pocket Tool model should be compared with the Gerber Dime Micro-Tool, but it was not on hand, so we will compare it with the equally popular Leatherman Squirt ES4 and Leatherman Squirt PS4 tools, which have been used for quite a long time, the latter forms the basis of my field repair kit. The Vise Pocket Tool has at least nine features that are spread across six tools, not counting the key holder, or lanyard, versus five in the Squirt line, and seven in the Dime Micro-Tool.


The Gerber Vise Pocket Tool provides the following functional tools, a straight knife, a serrated knife, a bottle opener, a small scraper screwdriver, a Phillips file screwdriver, and spring-loaded pliers that combine small needle nose pliers, pliers , wire cutters and a universal toothed clamp. Instruments and chassis are made of stainless steel, while anodized aluminum alloy is used for textured fingerboards. The overall dimensions of the tool when folded do not exceed 58 mm in length, 21 mm in width and 13 mm in thickness, the weight of the tool is 68 grams.

As already indicated, the multitool provides two blades at once with the same length up to 41 mm (cutting edge about 37 mm) and a thickness of not more than 1.5 mm, but with different geometry and type of sharpening. For me, the presence of two knives at once in such a small tool is a very controversial decision, I would gladly give up one of the knives in favor of folding scissors, but alas. There are no special complaints about the knives themselves yet, they are made quite high quality and without visible marriage.

The spring-loaded pliers turned out to be quite comfortable for their size, the lips are brought together almost perfectly. The only thing I would like is a longer working area of ​​the nippers, it is already painfully small, including in comparison with Squirt PS4 and Dime Micro-Tool. The rest of the auxiliary tools work as planned, although they are removed with a little difficulty for the nails. As in the case of the Dime Micro-Tool, I do not understand such attention to the screwdriver-opener, for which two slots are allocated at once. One slot would be more than enough, and the second slot would fit perfectly under a small can opener, which would have a positive effect on the overall functionality of a small multitool.

In general, I have only two complaints about the Gerber Vise Pocket Tool. The first is the tool kit, which I think needs to be improved in future versions of the multitool. The second is build quality, with hard-to-remove tools and a rather unattractive gap of just under 1mm between the handles when folded. Otherwise, I liked the multitool, including its small and compact size, light weight, and relatively affordable price.

To prepare this preview, a small Gerber Vise Pocket Tool was ordered from the Tactical Gear Specialty Online Store for an estimated cost of around $22. Multitool is available in only one version of the external design and configuration.


  • Appearance

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