The American company Hill People Gear, a well-known manufacturer of various universal field and everyday equipment, has recently expanded its range with a new universal platform panel HPG Mobility Universal Seat Back, which is designed to mount and sort the necessary equipment on the back of a car seat. Among the main advantages of the new system, the manufacturer highlights the presence of different mounting options, compact dimensions, as well as the ability to adapt to chairs with different geometries..


The new panel is primarily made of a two-layer nylon material, the outer side of which is covered with a Velcro panel with FirstSpear 6/12 mounting slots, which allows you to place pouches with both Velcro fasteners and more traditional MOLLE fasteners. In addition, there are nine nylon loops around the perimeter of the panel for attaching equipment to carabiners, such as Tarainsert, AstonInsert, or AstonPanel panels.


To attach the HPG Mobility Universal Seat Back platform system (40.6 x 40.6 x 0.64 cm, 0.5 kg) to the back of a car seat, four adjustable nylon straps are provided, two of which are complemented by quick-release plastic buckles. The panel can be adapted to different chair geometry due to a sewn-in sheet of flexible polyethylene, which gives the panel the necessary rigidity, as well as one aluminum arc located in the center.


At this stage, the HPG Mobility Universal Seat Back is available in three solid colors (Coyote, Black, Manatee Grey) with a suggested retail price of $65. The order can be placed only through the official website of the manufacturer.


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