The American brand Hydrolight Outdoor Gear presented its first product — a drinking system under the commercial name Hydrolight 2L Reservoir. This drinking system was created taking into account all modern trends, including bacteria-resistant materials, a convenient wide clamping neck and a flexible hose with quick connectors, but at the same time it is distinguished by the presence of a portable system and an additional niche for an LED lamp..


The Hydrolight 2L Reservoir drinking system is almost entirely made of a flexible and durable translucent polymer material made from polyethylene vinyl acetate (a mixture of polyethylene and ethylene-vinyl acetate), which is completely hydrophobic and neutral to water and food (BPA & PVC free). Connectors and clamping bar are made of dense polyethylene. The overall dimensions of the system do not exceed 40 cm in length and 19.7 cm in width, the weight is not more than 184 grams, and the usable volume is 2 liters.


As noted above, the Hydrolight 2L Reservoir drinking system, in addition to quick connectors and a convenient wide neck, is distinguished by the presence of a reinforced transport handle, as well as a separate sealed niche for a LED headlamp, which allows using a filled tank as a diffuser. To hang the drinking system to the frame of the tent, there are a number of loops on the clamping bar and a separate adjustable strap with a quick release.


At the moment, the Hydrolight 2L Reservoir drinking system is offered in only one version of both volume and color design, and is priced by the manufacturer at almost $35. It is still possible to order a novelty only through the official website of the manufacturer.



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