The hydromechanical watch HYT H1 was the first creation of the young company Hydro Mechanical Horologists. When you first look at the watch, the first thing that catches your eye is a transparent tube with a fluorescent liquid that acts as a clock hand. Fluid is driven by a system of two hydraulic pistons. Minutes are indicated by a small dial with a conventional hand located in the center of the milestone, to the left of it is a second indicator in the form of a turbine. The diameter of the watch case is almost 49 mm, the thickness is 18 mm. The back cover of HYT H1 is made of glass, through which the movement is perfectly visible.

The HYT H1 wristwatch will be offered in three case options, in a titanium case, in a titanium case with a DLC coating, and in a red gold case. The price of a watch in a titanium case is $45,000.

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