The Californian company KOR Water presented on Kickstarter the KOR Nava project, an original plastic water bottle with a built-in reusable filter. The new 700 ml bottle was developed with the aim of reducing the impact of single-use plastic bottles on the environment. One replaceable Nava filter which is made from coconut shellis able to purify about 150 liters of water, thereby saving the cost of buying bottled water and reducing the harmful impact on nature.


The KOR Nava bottle, with a total weight of 184 grams, is almost entirely made of safe BPA free Eastman Tritan plastic and FDA-grade silicone from which the drinker is made. The bottle is complemented by a fixed plastic cap on the latch, which protects against arbitrary opening and ingress of debris and dust inside. To date, the manufacturer offers three color options for the product: black and blue, black and red and white and blue. The minimum cost of placing a pre-order for KOR Nava, including delivery, will be $60.

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